Java Open Source Development Services

If an organization is thinking of technology in their application to cut down on the development cost and their time to market, the first option would be to go for Open Source Technologies. This should still provide robust solutions with reliable and in-depth security which has been our objective for every solution in Revalsys.

  • Our clients have witnessed the complete solutioning from Strategizing to Execution with the best fit optimized Open Source technologies
  • Technically equipped team with rich expertise in using LAMP stack platforms for building cutting edge solutions
  • Ingenious team with profound interest in all Open Source technology verticals of Software Development like:

Java - DotNet - PHP Development Services

Programming languages: Java, PHP, .NET Framework

Bootstrap Development - Html5 Development - Angular Development, JQuery Development

Front end technologies: Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML, JQuery, Javascript

MongoDB Develpment - MySQL Development Service - Postgress Development Service - Cassandra Development Service - DocumentDB Development Service

Databases: Postgress, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, DocumentDB

SOLR Search Engines Development - Elastic Search Development Service.

Search Engines: Elastic Search and components, SOLR

Apache Webservers Service - Apache Topcat Webserver Services

Webservers: Apache HTTPD server, Tomcat

Android Development Services

Others : Redis caching, log4j

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