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Design Studio Services

The place where you will find technology meeting art. Anything that needs designing, from a paper to a portal, our designers craft with the best of their interests and give a product which can resonate your brand. Our artistic developers with the unique blend of technology expertise in:

HTML 5 & CSS 3, JQuery, Java Script, AJAX, 3D

How does it work?

Ui Designing


Explore - With the vigor, not to settle until we come up with the best, set with folded sleeves, ready to get dirty.


Derive - Does that speak your brand? Does it look the way you wanted your brands dream design to look like?


Design - Where you’ll find the fusion of art in technology, with our team seeing the best fit for your product design.


Deploy - With the final finishing touches made, watch the art of your dream coming alive.

User Experience

User Experience

A best website is one that can improve customer usage number, bring amazing ease of use and is also mesmerizingly attractive. Hence every work or every design by our studio artists is been finely crafted to bring the best User Experience and a commendable progress in the business.

Information Architecture

How do our Studio Experts architect it?

Target User Information

Target User Information: We do our research to gather information about who are our target audience, what are their expectations about the product, what are they searching for?

Group Users

Group Users: We then categorize the users based on their age or interests to understand what every group of user would want in the website from the time he logs in till he log outs.

Information Gathering

Information Gathering: Here we try to gather as much information as needed to fill every group user’s expectation. This information is laid down as webpage. We write a story of what every user group would do in our website and then map every webpage to it.


Add-ons:Easy searches, auto-populations, search suggestions, “also check” segments, fetching their older searches to get what they missed can all help users find the website attractive and improve business making it a Win-Win.


Feedback: Have a small area to get customers rate the website and patch up based on the feedback.


Integration with off -the -shelf products : If you are looking for integration with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, WOO Commerce, Magento or any other solution, Revalsys has proven track record of delivering online portals on these solutions.

We Give the Freedom to Manage your Business from Anywhere