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RevalCRM Features - Customer Relationship Management
RevalCRM Features- Customer Relationship Management

The Ultimate Ticketing System helps you in delivering exceptional


Features that make Complexity process Simple


One platform for support your customers, available
in multiple medium of communication whatever
they choose

Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging

Integrate your customer service with Popular
Instant Messaging Channels. Chat, Email, Phones

Centralized Ticket Management

One platform for all support tickets, eliminates the
need for multiple systems or manual tracking improving efficiency and resolution rates. Agents access and manage tickets easily for faster response times.

Centralized Ticket Management
Multi-brand help center
Multi-brand help center

Create a distinct self-service portal for each brand's

Response Editor

Craft and send the best response using customer
context, FAQs, templates, more customized email
templates and more.

Response Editor
Contextual Customer Insights
Contextual Customer Insights

CRM integration enriches ticketing with customer
data (such as purchase history, previous interactions,
and preferences) enabling personalized support.
Enhanced customer experience through contextual

Automated Ticket Routing

Smart ticket routing in CRM systems assigns tickets
to the right agents. Automated workflows optimize
workload and enhance agent productivity.

Automated Ticket Routing
Collaboration and Team Communication
Collaboration and Team

CRM ticketing systems promote team collaboration
for efficient ticket resolution. Support team can
share insights, request assistance, and leave internal
notes, enhancing communication and customer

SLA & Escalations

Service Level Agreement management in CRM
ticketing systems sets response and resolution time
goals, ensuring accountability and consistent
service levels. Support team receive alerts to meet
SLA requirements & Escalate violations automatically

SLA & Escalations
Integration Capabilities
Integration Capabilities

CRM ticketing systems integrate with various
business tools, enabling seamless data exchange
and workflow efficiency. Integration with RevaleBiz,
communication channels, and knowledge bases
streamlines support operations.

Time tracking

With RevalCRM, you can easily track time spent on
each task & ticket and customize it per department.
Automatic or manual time tracking options are
available, including tracking follow-up actions for a
comprehensive view of team productivity.

Time tracking
Roles & responsibilities
Roles & responsibilities

In RevalCRM, you can create and manage roles to
control access and actions based on responsibilities.
Assign different roles to profiles, like Agent or
Admin, and customize permissions for a secure and
efficient customer service experience.

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