OXYWHEELS Website Goes Live – AI & Blockchain-Based Marketplace for Connected Cars!


  1. An attempt to track and trace world-wide vehicles on a single platform.
  2. An attempt to trade vehicles, related products and services using alternative currency.

Radhakrishna.Thatavarti, Founder of is passionate about Track & Trace of Assets, He realized there is not platform to Track & Trace Cars and found that Blockchain is the best solution.

He joined hands with Automobile Stalwart, Saral Talwar to conceive the Idea. In the process, given the long-term trillion-dollar vision, Radhakrishna is successful in on-boarding Bahubali Superstar Rana Daggubati as Brand Ambassador.

Much before the business plan is rolled-out the complete work is attacked by Corona, As responsible individuals, team has introduced OXY19 - an antimicrobial vehicle protection and disinfection solution called OXY19 with a mission to disinfect 20 million motor vehicles in six months. Keeping customer safety in mind, they also provided an at-home vehicle disinfection service.

Now, The true platform, to buy and sell – both new & old vehicles is live.


We Give the Freedom to Manage your Business from Anywhere