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Store Manyavar Website Goes Live

Product Catalog Portal For Manyavar

Manyavar is one of India’s most popular ethnic wear brands for men and women. It has a worldwide presence with over 4000 employees in more than 600 stores. And for such a reputed brand to ensure customer satisfaction, personalization is necessary. It speeds up the purchase process for customers by offering them recommendations for relevant products based on their personal data.

Manyavar aimed to have an in-store product catalog portal for its customers that offers them recommendations for products that are available in stores close to their respective locations. Revalsys completed the project scope in two phases.

In Phase One, Revalsys designed a portal for Manyavar’s customers. The portal allows customers to view products by scanning a QR code. To add products to bag, customers have to create an account with the portal or login using social media. Customers can complete their purchase on the brand’s website, or in-store by contacting the store manager.

In Phase Two, Revalsys developed an app for store managers. The app sends them notifications every time a product is added to the bag. The notifications contain the details of products added to bag by customers. The store managers then need to update the customer shopping cart page with the purchase status of the products.

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