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Blood Donation by Revalsys Employees

Revalsys Technolgies located at Hyderabad doesn’t lack behind in doing charitable works. Be it helping the people in the flood affected areas or helping the under-privileged people or donating blood. We do it as much as we can and we feel privileged that our team members always come forward to do such type work whenever it is needed.

It was 22nd, September and suddenly when one of the person named Sudhakar admitted in Star Hospitals, Hyderabad was undergoing a heart surgery was in a urgent need for blood. Without a second thought, our employees, Srinivas, Somasekara and Venkateswarlu had similar blood groups and quickly set forward to help Mr.Sudhakar. "All is well that ends well" as Mr.Sudhakar was completely recovered and walked up by himself, all the way to our office to render his gratitude to our employees.


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