Best-in-class automation of your change management process bringing better evolutions.

In a continuous process industry like Numaligarh Refinery Limited, there comes requirement of some changes in existing process system (either in Plant design, changes in parameter etc.) from time to time. How small or big a change may be, the entire change-process has to pass through some set of guidelines and reviewing procedure at various levels till the approval for the change is obtained. The entire system of proposing for a change to its approval is called the Management of Change (MOC).

The e-MOC system is built as single page application which is the latest technology used in .NET Framework withSQL database which is one of the most robust, scalable application development platforms. Microsoft .NET technology provides robust services for application development and operational infrastructure for deploying large-scale, secure and flexible enterprise class applications.

A few highlights of what e-MOC can do:

  • Facilitates adhoc modifications in distribution matrix based on the criticality of the proposals.
  • Supports integration of any existing application or system to feature a full-fledged change management system
  • Handles multiple workflows through a single change management, by managing all change types like Emergency, Equipment, Document, Production, HSE with compliance checks
  • Proactively designed with inbuilt Risk Assessment and Mitigation Approach
  • Responsive to be accessible from any device, anywhere for on-field workers also enforcing communication between all stake holders
  • Robustly designed using RevalRESTful Web APIs for efficient handling
  • Flexible and scalable to any growing organization requirement

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