Mortality and Morbidity rate for India

“Success comes to those who will and dare” is the message for the story of our solution to IIB. Among all the other projects handled by Revalsys, this was one and the first of its kind where we had a large chunk of data processing requirement from our clients - Insurance Information Bureau of India, A company which supports the insurance industry with data for analysis and decision making including pricing and framing of business strategies.

The Mortality and Morbidity rate on which the life insurance premium is dependent for any country, IIB was entrusted the responsibility of producing these rates. IIB had selected Revalsys based on its past experience where Revalsys was part of the earlier exercise.

The challenge was to collect the life insurance records from various life insurance companies and process this data. Revalsys successfully processed more than 500+ Million records over duration of couple of months.

That tells the story of how Revalsys could take over an industrious transformation from a simple solution provider to a complex solution provider with utmost perfection, uncompromised quality and continuous improvement.

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