Easy Rewards

The joy of rewarding to a Startup

Revalsys an integral part of the India Startup Story – empowering Easy Rewardz

Easyrewardz is India's first social collaborative rewards market-place. It also offers India's first search engine for award travel. Easyrewardz enables members to track & manage their loyalty balances across airlines, hotels and shopping programs all from a single dashboard. Members who are tracking their airline loyalty programs on Easyrewardz further benefit from the recommendations we share on booking flights - India's first search engine for award travel. What's more, cash spends on Easyrewardz or in the Easy network, gets members easypoints. easypoints can be redeemed alone or with cash in the rewards market-place easyrewardz.com as well as in the Easy network of merchants. easyrewardz is an eco-system where everyone is rewarded, be it the pooling partners (Airlines, Banks, Brands) , Corporates, Merchants or members.

It is the era of Start-ups, with lean principles and liberated thoughts, Easy Rewardz, associated with Revalsys initially to help them with the business process consulting and ideation. This transformed to Revalsys becoming their Technology Partners.

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