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Announcement of Reval Intra URL naming competition

To keep the spirit of your employees alive, there is always a need for refreshing things or activities. So, in accordance with that, a competition was arranged among Revalsys employees regarding the naming of the URL of Reval Intra which would be used internally. And to motivate them, a cash prize of INR 2000 was also announced for the winner.

We came up with an array of suggestions from all the employees of Revalsys Technologies. A total of 184 URL suggestions were received and out of them, suggestions of four employees were shortlisted for the final judgement. The competition was held on 24th February, 2016.

Our Values

Our Values

On the first day of the new financial year, a quick team meeting was held at Revalsys Office which was presided over by Raj Samala. During that meeting, he announced the winner of Reval Intra URL suggestion. The suggestion put forward by Mr S K Shafi was adjudged to be the best and more appealing. Henceforth, the Reval Intra URL will be named as

In this meeting, Raj Samala also announced about the Leave Policy which would be effective from 1st April, 2016. He also mentioned that there would be some organizational changes, as well.

A heartfelt congratulation to Mr S K Shafi for being the winner from team Revalsys!

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