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Sankranti Celebrations at Revalsys Office, Hyderabad

When it comes to festivals, at Revalsys, we don’t lack behind in celebrating. The motive behind all these celebrations is not only to celebrate the festivals but also to take a break from the busy work schedule. So, this time on the eve of Pongal i.e., on 14th January, we celebrated it on our own way.

Initiated by one of our team members Neeta, we made beautiful rangolis. The theme of the rangolis was traditional. We made two rangolis—one was a peacock and the other was a pot with rice. The peacock design rangoli not only depicts the traditional rangoli but also displays our logo at the centre of the design. And our punch line— ‘Creating Possibilities’ is also displayed using different types of beautiful colours.

Our Values

Our Values

In Tamil, the word Pongal means ‘to boil over’; so the Pongal rice is allowed to boil on a clay pot and spill over. And our other design was based on the concept of Pongal rice on a clay pot symbolising abundance, prosperity and religious fervour. All the ladies enjoyed a lot during the making of rangolis and offered a helping hand to Neeta. Thank you Neeta and other ladies members of team Revalsys – Asha Bhavani, Sneha, Roja, Mallishwari and Divya for the eye-catching rangolis they made.

And during the evening time, we organised kite flying program in which all the members of Revalsys Technologies took part. It was such fun flying kites of different colours and design. The sky looked so beautiful filled with kites of varied colours. Most of our team members came in traditional outfits to mark the occasion. We ended the celebration with high tea accompanied by sweets and snacks. The evening was indeed very joyous.

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