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Republic Day Celebrations at Revalsys Technologies

On the occasion of 67th Republic Day, we decided to celebrate it on 25th January, 2016 as 26th was a holiday. At Revalsys, we make sure that everybody takes part in the celebrations one way or the other, enjoy and have fun.

The celebration started with decoration of the office on the theme of patriotism. At the entrance of the office, the logo of Revalsys Technologies was made. Made in collaborating with our team members, the logo has all the three colours of our National Flag—saffron, white and green. The credit for the concept—the logo with tricolour goes to one of our team members Jawad. He conceptualised it so beautifully that the logo was not only representing Revalsys Technologies but also representing the patriotic fervour. The entire office was decorated on the theme of tricolour with small flags, balloons and other decorating items. To keep the patriotic spirit alive, some of us sported tricolour badges, as well.

Our Values

Our Values

To mark the celebration, we arranged a singing competition among the employees on patriotic songs in Hindi and Telugu language. It was such a lovely experience for all of us. Though most of us are not good at singing, but everybody tried their best and enjoyed a lot. The spirit of participation was just awesome. Jana Gana Mana, Vande Mataram, Sare Jahan Se Achha and many more patriotic songs have been sung.

The main motive of the Republic Day celebration is to evoke patriotic feeling and make us more responsible towards our nation. The celebration came to an end with a photo session.

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