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New Year Celebrations At Revalsys

At Revalsys Technologies, celebrating festivals and special occasions have become a part of our culture. On the eve of New Year, all the team members have put their best effort to make the occasion a memorable one. With combined efforts of all, Revalsys office was beautifully decorated with balloons and ribbons that spread the aura of the wonderful occasion.

To welcome the New Year so that it brings happiness, love and prosperity along with it, a special cake was cut. Apart from New Year cake cutting, there was a birthday cake cutting for Jags, Mahesh, Naveen, Manikanta and Roja. All the five team members have cut that birthday cake together.

Our Values

Our Values

The celebration became even more enjoyable as we decided to play musical chair. The fun and frolic associated with game made the child in us come out. Divya Nandini emerged as the winner of the game. To add more fun, the team members wore different types of properties such as masks, specs, moustaches etc. The New Year celebration along with the birthday celebration came to an end by having evening snacks that included dhokla, sweets, cake and beverage. As with any celebration, photo session was also done to make moments remain with us as special memories forever.

Hope this New Year turn out to be the best for everyone!


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