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Sparkling Revalsys

Celebrating Diwali in office is a wonderful way not only to have enjoyment and fun at work, but also a great way to uplift team spirit. To bring some festive spirit at our workplace, we had a pre-celebration of Diwali at our Banjara Hills office on 28th October, 2016. The entire office was decorated with lights and other decorative items, and made the Revalsys logo using lights. We also lighted diyas to signify the triumph of good over evil.

Our Values

Our Values

We continued with the tradition and performed Lakshmi Puja to mark the festival. Prayers are offered so that everyone’s live get filled with peace, prosperity and wealth. This time, instead of colours, we used flowers to make Rangoli. The efforts of our colleagues turned out to be a very beautiful one. The combination of different flowers of varied colours made the Rangoli so eye-catching and refreshing. Indeed, it was a great treat to our eyes. The celebration ended with bursting crackers and having sweets.


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