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RevalCMS (Content Management System)


RevalCMS – an Enterprise Content Management System

is an enterprise content management system which is user friendly, intuitive, easy to use and with powerful features that allows you to create, review, manage, publish and archive content on your website, intranet or extranet in a steady and consistent manner.

Built on the principle of "Technology for non-technical"

RevalCMS is as simple as using an email or a Microsoft word document. This enables one to be in control of their website and the content rather then depending on any external entity.

In a networked world where your customers are interacting with you continuously on the web, RevalCMS helps your company to realize its web potential by providing your consumer and client with a pleasing and fresh web presence.

Built on the principle of Technology for non-technical


While being simple to deploy, it allows your organization the flexibility and security of managing your website effectively from anywhere in the world. RevalCMS has the flexibility to upscale your site whenever you wish to do so. Its built in tools give your company the power to connect with your customers using news flashes, online forms, blogs and forums at the click of a button.

Be it a small organization where the content changes are managed by a single individual or an large enterprise with multiple location and multiple individuals empowered to manage the content, RevalCMS caters to both by providing a robust workflow management - through which an organization can group and manage - authors, approvers and publishers.

Reval CMS Services

Built on the principle of "Technology for non-technical"

A simpler yet a feature rich editor

A simpler yet a feature rich editor

Robust security control with CAPTCHA

Robust security control with CAPTCHA, session managements, customized authenticationsr

Granular access control to facilitate editing

Granular access control to facilitate editing, approving and publishing

Leverage your business with smarter

Leverage your business with smarter SEO, analytical reports and digital marketing

Engage your audience

Engage your audience with blogs, newsletters, bulletins and polls

We Give the Freedom to Manage your Business from Anywhere