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RevalCMS – an Enterprise Content Management System

is an enterprise content management system which is user friendly, intuitive, easy to use and with powerful features that allows you to create, review, manage, publish and archive content on your website, intranet or extranet in a steady and consistent manner.

Happier easier editors

Strictly focused on the non-technical team, all modules in the system are consistent in usage and the in-built editor is very user-friendly. Version controlling, flexible form builder, drag and drop page sorter, automated breadcrumbs are a few features carefully designed to make content management easier for our users. Also cut down drastically on your implementation and training cost as users will comfortably play around with RevalCMS.

From anywhere from any device

Want approvers working remotely to review the contents before publishing? Our cloud service allows you to access the application from anywhere and from any device. With the option to set visibility levels like public/secure you can get the contents reviewed and published as and when you need.

Security Checks at all levels

CAPTCHAs, content security, user identity, role based access control for authors, publishers and approvers, profanity check and time stamped access logs are some of the few security measures. Being designed for enterprises RevalCMS also provides several prebuilt authentication options to be customized based on your necessity. Additionally our proficient developers have been skilled to check how threat-proof and robust is our solution against any attacks.

Find your customers

RevalCMS is integrated with the best in class tools for website analytics, blogging and search engine optimization. Apart from direct integration with Google Analytics, the system also offers tools to understand who was on the site, how long were they there and which were the most accessed pages. Additionally increase your sales, spread awareness and engage your customers effectively with our in-house digital marketing team.

Hierarchical access control

Have an integrated granular approach to controlling who can access the Content Management System by perfectly aligning their user-ids/roles to the specific sections in the website. Privilege restrictions to review, create, update, and delete to ensure the security and streamline the lifecycle of information with its embedded automation for business processes.

Customer Connect

Our RevalCMS has been exclusively known for one of its business enhancing elements of reaching the website users as and when needed by sending E-Mails or SMS or Notifications. These features can be enabled based on the website requirements for any tasks, from user registration in an e-commerce website to a seminar notification in an educational website.

A complete CMS

The RevalCMS is a platform designed for enterprises to find, manage, distribute, store, tag and search large amount of contents or documents, aimed at reducing technical dependency for content management. Streamlined authoring process, Syndication management for RSS feed, faster turnaround time, centralized asset management, support for decentralized authoring and scalability all at a reduced maintenance cost.

Page Management

The question asked by many is what are the skills needed for one to update their site on a regular basis. Do they need to know the various tools for designing, HTML or any scripting. Answer – if one knows how to use email or type using a computer -Simple shifting from traditional approach where the content author was at the bottom of the food chain involved in the updating or creating the site – reason the cumbersome process involved. RevalCMS provides the facility where by the owner of the content is in control.

Workflow Management

RevalCMS can be assessed from anywhere in the world via internet. This creates the opportunity of collaboration among and across the organization for the creation of the content. RevalCMS Workflow engine facilitates the movement of work items (pages) to various level or the organization based on configurable rules and roles from the point of creation to approval to publishing.

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset of an organization can vary from – ../images, graphics, documents, pdf, so on. For any organization it is a good practice that all the digital assets are centrally located that can be accessed and accessed across the organization as the need be.

Website Analytics

Web Analytics plays a critical role as it is the window through which one can see what is happening with the website with respect – who has visited, from where, how long they were on the site, and which are the most accessed pages.

Search Engine Friendly

Your organization’s website has a limited chance of reaching its potential visitors if it does not appear in search engine results. RevalCMS allows for greater search engine optimization by providing onsite optimization – meta title, descriptors, keywords and readable keyword rich URLs, ALT Tag image. And these are provided in a seamless manner where the user needs to only define as inputs and RevalCMS will take care of integrating it with the website.

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